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General Meeting - Saturday 7th July 2012

A General Meeting will be held on Saturday 7th July from 2:30pm at Australian Education Academy.

For more information and to confirm your participation please visit the event page.


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Poson Heel Dhana Event

poson 2012Poson Heel Dhana organised by Mahanama College OBA Australia was held held at the Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara, Berwick on the 2nd of June 2012. MCOBA would like to thank everyone who contributed towards the dhana and all members and their families who participated on the day.








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2012 Six-a-Side Cricket Match won by MCOBA Australia

(More detals to follow.)

View Photos for all the action from Sx-a-Side Cricket Match.

mcoba vs dss oba six-a-side cricket match 2012 15 20120501 1146052221 mcoba vs dss oba six-a-side cricket match 2012 9 20120501 1255394452 mcoba vs dss oba six-a-side cricket match 2012 16 20120501 1434671589
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Battle of the Golds 2012 - DSS wins the 2nd annual T20 encounter by 45 runs

DSS OBA - 153 all out

MAHANAMA OBA - 108 all out


Mahanama OBA and DSS OBA cricket teams will meet again this year in their annual T20 encounter on the 29th of April at Cavaliers Cricket Grounds in Clayton.

The joint OBA effort is aimed at providing an opportunity for members and their families from both sides to get together and enjoy a day out watching the traditional rivalry between Mahanama and DSS continue in an exhilarating T20 encounter.

An exciting day has been planned out with drinks and food stalls along with music in between the breaks. We welcome all past students from both schools to come out and support your respective OBAs.

For all past college cricketers, this will be a fantastic opportunity for you to show your colours once again and represent your college. Please contact us directly if you are a past college cricketer and are interested in playing in this year's encounter.
Battle of the Golds 2012 flyer
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